About Sandra

As a child i always loved climbing trees. On holidays in France and Austria while walking up the mountain my mum and sister took the more normal path, me and my dad always took the short cut. And although I was never much into sports I always had a very athletic build body.

Two years before I started climbing I started karate training, which taught me a lot about balance and explosive power. I discovered climbing in 2008, when i first met Marcel. On one of our first dates he took me to a climbing gym. I had never been to a climbing gym before, or rockclimbed in my life. After this first encounter, I was hooked! I love the philosophy of climbing, that there is always a way for everyone to get one move further. It is like a puzzle. You just have to look at it one step at a time, stay in the moment, and feel relaxed and focused. There is always way to improve and become stronger. At the moment of writing, my level is around 6b/6c. i hope that at the end of our world trip, I will have red pointed my first 7a :-)

 When I don't climb, i take pictures. I am also a freelance photographer. I am looking forward to documenting our trips!

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