May 31, 2012

Short visit to Font

Beginning of april we took off for a few days of bouldering on the beautiful stones of Fontainebleau. It has been quite some time since the last time we visited the forest and it was a joy to be back! We visited Gorges d'Apremont, Franchard Cuisiniere, Petite Bois and Restant du Long Rocher but both of us were not in the best of shape so no big numbers were crushed. The weather was perfect and we met up with quite some friends, Font is a very social experience!

Robert-Jan in Egoïste, Gorges d'Apremont

Sandra in 20 blue, Gorges d'Apremont

Focus on the crux..., Gorges d'Apremont

Marcel in Clin d'Oeil, Gorges d'Apremont

Arnold in Big Jim, Petite Bois

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