Aug 30, 2012

New climbing gear arrived!

The mail today brought a much anticipated package: our new climbing gear from our sponsor DMM has finally arrived, just before we're heading to China! DMM is well-known for it's excellent craftsmanship in making the safest and lightest carabiners and they are one of the few companies who have not off-shored their production factory to the Far East.
Because of their weight, DMM climbing equipment is often used by trad climbers. Considering we're going to have to carry it for the next 10 months we're very glad to have joined the DMM team! DMM sent us quick draws consisting of the Alpha Trad and Spectre 2 biners with a 18cm dyneema sling, two Renegade harnesses and some Belay Masters and Screwgates. 
Here are some iPhone photos taken from our roof terrace overlooking the centre of Amsterdam. It's a really cool view up there, but i'm looking forward to waking up with a nice mountain view on the other side of the globe :)

IPhone 20120822 2

IPhone 20120821 13

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